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You know you are a parent when...

By Bella Corcoran 3 years ago 1269 Views No comments

We all have those moments as new parents when we suddenly our realise our lives will never be the same. As new parents, we might yearn for a nice hot shower or a cup of tea that isn't cold. So I put together a list of things just for some of those moments.

Why people who are good sleepers make better parents

By Bella Corcoran 3 years ago 1427 Views No comments

“I was born to be a parent, I never sleep anyway” I would remark and then laugh. I had really believed my own hype. That is, until I became a new parent some 12 months ago.

How to buy a baby gift that will last longer than three months

By Bella Hilton 3 years ago 1527 Views No comments

Many new parents rely on the influx of new clothes they receive at their first baby shower or when the baby is born. After all, so many people like to buy clothes for the new baby because the clothes are so small and cute! But the reality is, these clothes might last a month or two because babies can grow and FAST! Now, I’m not saying don’t buy clothes but you might want to think outside the box and add a little something else to your gift that lasts a little longer.

Baby Giraffe - happiness, customer service and giving back

By Bella Hilton 3 years ago 1409 Views No comments

Whenever someone asks me* what my online business is, it would be easy to answer – It’s called Baby Giraffe – we sell unique and practical baby gifts for newborn babies. But that would be me on autopilot. Because really, at Baby Giraffe we are in the business of making people happy! Sound cheesy? I agree – but it’s the truth. And here's how we achieve it in three easy steps: